September 20, 2023

About Baseball Bot

The Baseball Bot is a computer generated prediction system.

Using the latest MLB data, the Baseball Bot takes into account a starting pitcher’s current year stats, last month of starts, and home road splits. It then adds in the bullpen’s year to date stats, the bullpen’s performance over the past two weeks, and the bullpen’s stats over the past month. The main stats used for all of these categories are: FIP, BABIP, HR/9, BB/9, and K/9.

The Baseball Bot then takes those stats and compares them against the opposing team’s hitting. It uses the same three criteria as pitching: year to date, last two weeks, and last month. The main stats used here are wRC+, walk percentage, strikeout percentage, BABIP, and isolated slugging.

Baseball Bot also accounts for ballpark, including left/right splits for hitters. The park factors and runs per game at that park for the season are taken into account by the Baseball Bot to produce the projected score.

The score works on an average game from the pitcher, offense, and bullpen. Blow-ups can happen, but over the course of the season the numbers usually win out.

The Baseball Bot is based on the starting pitchers listed for that day’s game. If one or both of those pitchers do not end up pitching, do not bet.

The bet should be considered void if there is a pitching change and many sportsbooks allow you that option when placing the bet. BetOnline is one of them and we highly recommend their service.

The Baseball Bot will produce tips on most games, but there will be some that are skipped because of a lack of data on the starting pitcher.